Valencia Metro Station


Valencia’s Benimàmet metro station, opened in 2011, presented a challenge and opportunity to play with colour and textures. For metro users, the resulting visual effect is a visual delight.

The enclosure makes use of dichroic glass, whose colour changes according to the time of day and the perspective from which it is viewed, thus creating a unique and spectacular finish.

Inside the station, there are also a number of laminated decorative elements that used Evalam and dichroic glass. The design conveys a unique feeling for travellers.

The EVA product selected for this complex work was Evalam 80-120. This EVA material is recommended for use in combination with special insertions for temperatures not exceeding 100 °C, which enables the lamination of impossible designs.

Architect: Luis Ferrer Obanos

Solution: Evalam 80-120

Laminators: Luniglass-Crisdur

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