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In this project, it was London's legendary Harrods department store which saw the remodelling of its iconic central dome; this work allowed natural light to illuminate the entire space while ensuring a safe entryway into the department store. This structure was created using Pujol technology and materials exclusively.

The dome was designed by architect Ian Tomas and made with UK GLASS. It was created using curved glass, employing the Pujol BDG/V · 3 TALGO 50x22 oven; and the Pujol HLH / Multichambers 60x32 oven for lamination.

Evalam Visual was chosen as the interlayer for excellent transparency for the entire structure, as well as providing additional adhesive strength of up to 180 N/cm2 in order to prevent delamination. Evalam also improved the acoustic insulation coefficient with respect to that stated in the initial requirements. Evalam’s features are rated highly in cases such as these owing to the special requirements of the 5m x 2m curved glass panels that were part of the design.

Another reason for choosing Evalam over traditional solutions such as PVB, was its high crosslinking index (85%), but also because it is a thermosetting product, unlike other simple, unstable thermoplastics.

Along with the dome, the remodelling project included a grand lobby with escalators, marking a new phase in the history of the Harrods store.

Architect: Ian Tomas

Laminators: UK Glass

Solution: Evalam Visual

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