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Completed in 2012, the Infinity Belgrade is a building that has changed the face of the city of Belgrade. It contains five spacious luxury apartments each with an area of 245 - 250m2 and a 450m2 penthouse that boasts a fascinating view of the city centre.

This building was constructed using materials of the highest quality, and is equipped with cutting-edge building systems including an advanced central air conditioning system that allows up to four different temperature zones in each apartment. It’s been classified by experts as an architectural masterpiece, ranking it among the most modern buildings in Belgrade.

The challenge for Evalam was to conform with the rest of the materials and techniques used for the construction of this emblematic building. Evalam Visual was used; in addition to its durability, this product offers the best transparency, very good acoustic insulation, and a crosslinking index that is peerless among any other EVA product on the market.

Architect: Miodrag Mirkovic

Laminators: Pavle Doo

Solution: Evalam Visual

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