Hotel Silken SAAJ


Located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Hotel Silken Saaj has, in a very short time, become one of Evalam's hallmark works. Not only does this hotel impress with its rooms and services, but also with all the details that have been taken into account during its design.

Its façade has become a now easy-to-identify symbol for the dichroic laminated glass employed in its design, which changes colour depending on sky’s reflection.

TVITEC, a leader in the sector, was in charge of laminating all the glass used. This company’s professional merits and capacity for innovation were called upon to serve the needs of the architects of the UAD studio.

For the exterior they manufactured almost 500 meters of 10 + 10 mm tempered glass, much of which requiring different shapes and laminated using dichroic foil and Evalam Visual.

To avoid the dreaded delamination that occurs in the case of open glass edges exposed to unfavourable weather conditions, Evalam Visual was chosen as it is highly resistant to humidity. In this case, this hotel is located on the seafront, with the major concern being the negative effect of sea air and humidity, which usually takes its toll on exposed surfaces.

Architect: UAD

Laminators: TVITEC

Solution: Evalam Visual

Laminated surface area: 500m2

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