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The goal was to create a new space in the historic Termes Victoria de Caldes de Montbui Spa. The architectural firm in charge of the project (Arquetipus - projectes arquitectònics), was interested in uncovering the 250-year old portion of the facilities which were formerly used as storage tanks for hot spring and cooled water which was especially prized for its properties conducive to healing and well-being.

Prior to this project, this semi-underground area, whose function and features were more suited to the storage of water, had always remained hidden from visitors, their public use residual at best. It was essential that it be opened up and they understood that this captivating place was meant to be shown and converted into a unique space for the enjoyment of the senses.

In this project, the old storage tanks and part of the gallery housing the traditional baths were used for the different pools. Although each one has its own set of characteristics that makes it different from the others, all the pools have been designed to provide relaxation and to exploit the medicinal and mineral properties of these ancient thermal waters.

With the aim of conveying as neutral a feeling as possible, during the remodelling process the decision was made to preserve the imprint left by the various eras this space has seen.  In several areas the original stone walls and ceramic vaults can be seen; in others, old water marks have been preserved in order to indicate their past use. In the last remodelling stage a number of contemporary constructive elements and materials were employed, such as i-ON by Pujol PDLC smart glass.

PDLC was chosen for one of the most exclusive rooms of the space designed to help visitors relax in private. i-ON by Pujol PDLC can instantly switch between transparent or opaque for maximum privacy for a person on the other side. Thanks to its excellent resistance to humidity, it was the ideal product for this project. i-ON by Pujol PDLC can be easily connected to any remote control system:  home automation, smartphone, tablet or motion sensors.

The resulting structure reveals the intense work and attention to detail behind the remodelling work; it’s a space that invites you to look at it, but above all to experience and enjoy it.

Architect: Maria Almirall

Construction: Arquetipus - projectes arquitectònics

Glazing: Òscar Bassa

Solution: PDLC i-ON by Pujol

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