Evalam has developed a polymer which improves upon the standard qualities of EVA, positioning AB-AR film as the interlayer with the best mechanical resistance performance on the market ahead of ionoplast; especially in post-breakage stability states above 50ºC. It is also employed in large commercial spaces requiring overhead glazing, airports, glass-enclosed public spaces or in areas where these temperatures are commonly seen the greater part of the year.


AB-AR features:


Good post-breakage behaviour
Even though both sheets of glass are tempered, the composition does not lose its rigidity when broken.


Resistance to impact in crowded areas
Breakage of one or more components does not affect the laminated glass structure, protecting people who happen to be in the vicinity. AB-AR’s unique characteristics of ensure that the glass remains stable against impact caused by a crowd, in accordance with the Spanish building code specifications (CTE in Spanish).


This product does not require climate-controlled conditions for its maintenance
This is the only film that does not require special temperature and humidity conditions, either in storage or processing.


It is a technical solution that weighs 50% less than glass-only compositions with the same strength.


Extra safety
The ideal solution for structural solutions of all kinds: glass façades, structural windbreaks, stairs, ceilings or balustrades, as well as anti-vandal security.


UV filtering
By combining AB-AR and Evalam in lamination, the composition provides UV filtering and protects the people and objects behind it.


Improved behaviour at temperatures above 50ºC
Once the Tq of the ionomers is exceeded, they lose their characteristic resistance and rigidity. AB-AR is able to resist loads of 200 kg.

Thermal resistance test:

Post-breakage at 50ºC


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