Main features of Evalam Visual:


Unbeatable transparency and optimum durability. Suited for use with extra clear glass for balustrades, curved glass, greenhouses, canopies, or stairs. In addition, Evalam Visual is an EVA product suitable for all applications requiring a high interlayer thickness but which still require maximum transparency and the final optical properties offered by laminated glass.

87% crosslinking index
Ensures that glass laminated with Evalam EVA will have a durability and stability that is far superior to any other thermoplastic material.

Open edge resistance
Evalam Visual is an EVA product developed for long-lasting resistance to humidity. It also resists delamination arising from unfavourable weather conditions or high-humidity/high temperature environments.

UV filtering
Offers protection against the aggressive effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays which causes fading of furniture, wooden floors, fabric, plastic as well as being harmful to people on the other side of the glass.

Adhesive strength
Adhesive strength is greater than 140 N/cm, ensuring that, under normal environmental conditions, the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the glass will not be altered.

Acoustic insulation
High noise reduction, a quality not offered by other standard thermoplastics. This feature of Evalam Visual provides greater comfort, minimising those stressful situations associated to noisy environments.

Protection for people and property
Evalam Visual is an EVA product that meets European and American standards and others applicable worldwide. This EVA product protects people and property behind the laminated glass composition. Our testing processes take into account all the areas covered by the standard for pendulum impact testing to ensure that people are protected. We also conduct ball drop tests to assess glass behaviour in forced entry and impact situations.

Lateral and vertical load resistance
Evalam Visual has earned the maximum shear modulus classification, making it the perfect interlayer to ensure stability and withstand wind and snow loads on façades and canopies.

Fire resistant
We’ve obtained certification for Evalam Visual’s resistance to fire and high temperatures.



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