Main features of Evalam UC:



Adhesion of more than 140 N/cm that ensures that, under normal environmental conditions, the physical-chemical-mechanical properties will not suffer alteration


Light transmission
The high degree of light transmission of EVALAM UC maximizes the capture of the plates and contributes substantially to their performance.


The texture of EVALAM UC facilitates the exit of air, in addition to preventing them from having a premature adhesion that can generate bubbles.


Lamination cycles.
EVALAM UC helps improve your processes by reducing lamination cycles and increasing your production while minimizing rejects due to bubbles or cell movement.


Photothermal Stability (Discoloration)
Specially formulated to ensure maximum photothermal stability, which guarantees the absence of coloration over the years.


Excellent compatibility with the rest of the module components (backsheet, cells, ribbon, etc.)


Gel content
High gel content, above 87% and sometimes above 90%.


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