Hotel Monument


This hotel was opened in 2016 in collaboration with local architect Oscar Tusquets. Architects Carles Bassó and Tote Moreno collaborated with interior designer Mercè Borrell to achieve an incomparable end result. These were the individuals behind the restoration of Hotel Monument in Barcelona.

The principal challenge for the design and architecture team was to lighten the atmosphere in a room having dividing wall, as well as to lend a luminous quality to all of the areas within the hotel. This meant the construction of a skylight that would allow natural light to enter from the ceiling to give a greater sense of spaciousness.

For the glazing, laminated glass containing Evalam Visual was used throughout the building. This EVA interlayer was developed to meet the needs of customers seeking an ultra-clear glass requiring a neutral interlayer on the glass edges. These two properties make Evalam Visual a unique EVA product, far better than any other PVB or thermoplastic material.

Preliminary design: Oscar Tusquets

Architect: Carles Bassó and Tote Moreno

Laminators: Vidres Viola

Interior Design: Mercè Borrell

Solution: Evalam Visual


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