Rinascente Palermo


The Rinascente department store in Palermo project is powerful yet delicate at the same time. Underpinning this balance was the choice to preserve traces of the existing building by superimposing an opalescent façade on them, giving the appearance of a transparent building. This “glacial skin”, created with Evalam Color for exteriors, is an architectural surface through which the old can still be seen, becoming one with the contemporary dimension. At night, the building is transformed into a bright, translucent lantern.

ASA Studio chose Evalam Visual and Evalam Color (Acid White), which provides excellent result on façades. After years of research, Evalam is the first company of the market to present five exterior colours holding certification according to European standards.

Architect: ASA Studio Albanese

Laminators: Labor Vetro

Solution: Evalam Visual and Evalam Color (Acid White)

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