Ancient Serdica Museum


Commissioned by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, the ancient Serdica open-air museum covers an 800-square metre area and features three laminated glass domes.

The contractor was required to build a structure that would cover a 15-metre wide by 200-metre long space. Given the dimensions of this space, the architect, builder and contractor decided to divide it into three areas and cover each of them with transparent glass domes. Unique architectural monuments in their own right, the domes also meet strict European safety standards applicable to large public works with a large influx of visitors.

The glass domes are able to withstand loads of up to 226 kg and are 11/16” thick. The total dome area is about 800 square meters.

Thanks to the durability of Evalam Visual, both the adhesive strength and crosslinking properties are maintained. This is essential for use in curved tempered glass. This is why the project architects chose Evalam Visual over traditional PVB systems. Its adhesive strength is incomparable, over 140 N/cm2 for Evalam versus 60 N/cm2 for PVB. Evalam ensures greater durability and a lower risk of long-term delamination.

Architect: Prototyp

Laminators: DAKS 96 and Kristian Neiko

Solution: Evalam Visual

Laminate surface: 800m2

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