Single family home


Located in Playa Coronado, this modern, luxurious detached house features wood, stone and glass as its main construction materials. All of these of the highest quality. 

All of the glass elements for the project were produced by TEMPERBRAZ, a local company which supplied all the glass for the project. This included handrails, balustrades, windows, large-scale windows, as well as a glass structure serving as a protective wall for a jacuzzi integrated into the pool. 

For the glazing of the pool, five ultra-clear 10 mm sheets of glass were used in the composition. Of these, four were tempered and the final one untempered which served to stiffen the others in the event of a spontaneous breakage. The sheets of glass were laminated using 1.52-thick Evalam Visual placed between each. Evalam Visual has been developed to resist prolonged humidity, avoid delamination arising from unfavourable weather conditions or high-humidity and high-temperature environments. The joints were sealed with transparent structural silicone.  The panels were set into a concrete channel at a depth of 25 cm, supported on a urethane bed and anchored with quick-drying mortar.

8 + 8 mm Evalam Acid White laminated tempered glass was used for all the handrails inside the house and out. This finishing material holds the strictest European certification for outdoor use.  In addition, Evalam Visual was chosen for the balustrades (10 + 10 low iron tempered) and remaining glass elements of the house (6 mm tempered hermetically sealed double glazed + 12 mm air space 5 + 5 laminated), due to its maximum transparency and the final optical properties of laminated glass.


Architect: Ivan Casis & Asociados


Solution: Evalam Visual and Evalam Color

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