Ginco Residence Tower

United Arab Emirates

The Ginco is a residential building that is 26 storeys high, with four parking levels. The ground floor houses the entrance to the building and a commercial area. The UAE is one of the world’s most demanding countries in terms of quality and environmental conditions.

The materials chosen for this high-end building was Evalam Color in Acid White, one of our five colours certified for outdoor use. The result of many years of research, this product was designed to withstand temperatures of up to 120ºC without colour fading next to the edges. It ensures greater colour intensity over time compared to EVA colour products made at 80 °C, which prioritises uniformity of colour over material durability. The use of Pujol laminating ovens and and Evalam Colour ensures both objectives are achieved: durability and uniform colour.

Architect: Ginko UAE

Laminators: Glasstech

Solution: Evalam Visual and Evalam Color

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