Morelia Convention and Exhibition Center


AB-AR & Evalam Visual, perfect combination for the CECONEXPO

The modernization of the Morelia Convention and Exhibition Center (CECONEXPO), inaugurated in September 2021, was carried out by the state administration. It responds to the need to have a renovated and modern center with adequate capacity to increase the competitiveness of Michoacán: Michoacán needed to have a first-rate facility where to celebrate large-scale activities.

With this modernization intervention, the Convention and Exhibition Center has considerably expanded its useful area, reaching 15,500 square meters. The renovation has made it possible to increase by three its maximum capacity, which now stands at 8,400 people. The new CECONEXPO also offers all the comforts and functionalities including 14 modular rooms with movable walls.

Laminated glass plays a decisive role in the Convention and Exhibition Center. In total, 7,300 square meters of laminated tempered glass have been used, distributed between an impressive glass cube that welcomes the visitor and the entire facade of the building.

For the lamination of the ribs, 2,100 square meters of laminated glass have been installed in panels of 40cm x 300cm, all of them with the same composition of 12.7mm + 12.7mm tempered glass and laminated with Evalam Visual 2 x 0.38mm and with the structural post breakage polymer AB-AR of 1.0mm thickness.

The façade and roofs have a glazed area of 5,200 square meters of laminated tempered glass in panels measuring 300cm x 180cm and with a composition of 6mm + 6mm tempered glass laminated with two layers of Evalam Visual 0.76mm.

All of the 7,300 square meters of laminated glasses were transformed by Val y Val, an important Mexican company with a long tradition in the market dedicated to the transformation, sale, and installation of laminated glass, architectural and industrial tempered glass.

AB-AR is a structural post-breakage polymer developed and designed by Evalam. It provides passive post-break safety when tempered glass is used and is intended for use in applications that require additional security, such as glazed public spaces, large commercial spaces, or in geographic areas where it is very common to reach high temperatures during much of the year. AB-AR is the interlayer with the highest mechanical resistance performance on the market, ahead of ionoplastics. Its post-break stability is demonstrated at temperatures above 50ºC.

Evalam Visual represents perfection and offers transparency, high adhesion, great acoustic insulation, and its crosslink index not comparable in the market. Evalam Visual is the ideal lamination solution in all those places where optics and durability are essential requirements.


Laminators: Val & Val

Solution AB-AR Evalam Visual. x 0.38mm / EVALAM VISUAL 0,76mm

Aplication:  Façades

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